13 Aug 2013

【Hair】 GB&Dura - Knit Cap in Black
【Glasses】 ROLE OPTIC - SG-57 Gala
【Scurf】 -
【Cardigan】 DAISO - Neckwear sweater in Navy
【Shirt】 NERD.P -SHIRT003 in 02 [New]
【Pants】 BlankLine - 017 Shorts in Red [New]
【Wristwatch】 chronokit - watch_no.10
【Bracelet】 graph - concho
【Bag】 vive nine - Charlotte Envelope Clutch in Coco
【Shoes】 Stash - Undefeatable Leather Shoe


♫ Now Listening : OneRepublic / Good Life

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23 Apr. 2013

【Cap】 Alright - 5 Panel Cap in Flower4
【Glasses】 2byte - Retro shades in GOLD
【Backpack】 Action - Unisex Skater Bag in Gray NB
【Wristwatch】 ARAI -DATE BANK 1.1
【Tatoo】 AUDRAN - Perfectly Me. (ty Zane!!)
【Cardigan】 DAISO - Neckwear sweater in Black
【Shirt】 DROP. - U/N VIntage Tee in Brown [New]
【Bottoms】 AMERIE M - Mesh Skinny pants in Green
【Shoes】 Alright -Rmax1 in Safari2

このPVのSophia Bushが可愛すぎる。ボーカルがウェンツに見える。

♫ Now Listening : Passion Pit / Carried Away

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16 Mar. 2013

【Cap】 Eaters Coma - Beanie (roll up) in Lawn Green
【Glasses】 Nuxx - GLASSES Wellington in GOLD
【Headphone】 booN - headphone
【Sweater】 2byte - Cluber sweater in Black [New]
【Bottoms】 villena - tucked up jeans in Red [New]
【Shoes】 Viviane Fashion -Sneakers #3 in Leopard


♫ Now Listening : the fratellis / whistle for the choir

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13 June. 2012

【Hair】 Shag- Army of Me in Hazel
【Necklace】 ARAI - necklace_maru
【Wristwatch】 ARAI - DATE BANK 1.1
【Bag】 ARAI - Waist bag sholder
【Shirt】 choke. - Skunk in Grunge White-ish
【Bottom】 AMERIE - Mesh skinny F in Blue
【Shoes】 Tyler Park - Unleashers Leopard [New]

♫ Now Listening : Bonobos / THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC

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12 June. 2012

【Hair&Hat】 Entente- Le Soliel Hat & Hair in DarkBrown
【Glasses】 BALACLAVA - Roux Shades in Black Narrow [New/The Mens Dept Item]
【Jacket+Shirt】 kal rau - Denim Jacket_in Blue/Blue [New]
【Bottom】 Tableau Vivant - Low-rise jeans 10
【Shoes】 Entente - Cousteau Shoes

♫ Now Listening : Gorillaz / Tomorrow Comes Today

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09 June. 2012

【Hair】 Aotreo- Sid in HazelnutT5
【Scarf】 Tee*fy - Soft Cotton Tied Scarf [The Mens Dept. old item]
【Jacket】 Sweetest Goodbye - 4Minute Jacket in Black
【Shirt+Tie】 hooorenbeek - Mesh Suit Shirts with Striped Ties in Black
【Bottom】 Tableau Vivant - Shindig Pants in White [New]
【Shoes】 COCO - OxfordShoes in Two-Tone

♫ Now Listening : Kanye West / Get Em High (Mercedes Boy RMX)

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08 June. 2012

【Hair】 Shag - Choke (cut) in Honeypot [New/The Mens Dept Item]
【Scarf】 PRIMO - White Louis Vuitton Head Scarf [MESH]
【Top】 Tableau Vivant - Tank in Metal [New/FaMESHed Item]
【Bottom】 [ JP ]:dsg - Sweat Pants in Pattern 03
【Barefeet】 Slink - Mens Natural Barefeet

♫ Now Listening : 80KIDZ / Frankie

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27 Apr. 2012

【Hair】 Shag - Rebel in Mystic
【Glasses】 Nuxx - GLASSES Wellington in GOLD
【Jacket】 kalrau - Plaid Jacket M3
【Shirt】 NANUK - viggo vneck in Dark grey
【Shirt2】 AOHARU - VneckShirt in Silver
【Bottom】 Pumpkin - Classic jeans in Grey
【Shoes】 FIR & MNA - Gumshoes in Cream

♫ Now Listening : Monday Michiru / YOU MAKE ME

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25 Apr. 2012

【Hair】 GB&Gura - Knit Cap in Black
【Glasses】 ShadZ - Rainbow Splash Classic
【Earphone】 yoyo9 - Earphone Sora (8 color)
【Bag】 Mr.Poet - Leather Backpack
【Wristwatch】 ARAI - DATE BANK 1.1
【Jacket】 Sleepy Eddy - Denim western shirt in Light
【Shirt】 2byte - Monster tee in Yellow
【Bottom】 Pumpkin - Classic jeans in Brown [New!!]
【Shoes】 hoorenbeek - All Stars Hi Top in Red

♫ Now Listening : Chrystian feat Ahmir / Something About You

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