23 Dec. 2010

Left detail :
【Hair】DUBOO - Winter hat mugi in mint ((by. Newreem Waffle))
【Cape】loveme - girlie cape Jacket in mom's gift ((by. Callia Pearl))
【Sweate】The Secret Store - Ribbon Sweater in black ((by. Maylee Oh))
【Bottom】Tee*fy - Bubbles shorts in twee brown ((by. azure electricteeth))
【Leggings】DUBOO - grandpa's gifts in gray ((by. Newreem Waffle))
【Boots】Kookie - Pomski Boots in light kelp ((by. Kookie Lemon))

Right detail :
【Hair】Dura - Dura Girl 16 in dark brown ((by. chiaki Xue))
【Scarf】League - Scarf Wrap in stripes multi ((by. nena janus))
【Jacket】AOHARU - Shiny Down JK in Black ((by. machang Pichot))
【Hoodie】pesca - hoodie in gray ((by. tsugu Nirvana)) [New!!]
【Bottom】[JP]:dsg - Broadly Pants ((by. jasper potez))
【Boots】ordinary - Mouton boots ((by. shin Mathilde)) [Old Gift]


♫ Now Listening : BUMP OF CHICKEN / SNOW SMILE -ringing version-

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10 Dec. 2010

Our "Y's HOUSE" (by. yacchan Clip & shimako Bade) is going to release long-awaited new items in near day! YAAAY!!
Every new items are wonderful and awesome as always you know!!
Look forward to them!! :o)

みんな大好き "Y's HOUSE" から待望の新作が出ます。

*Y's HOUSE* Christmas Kilim01 [G-gift/coming soon]

This bright red rug that includes funny shiver animation is Christmas Gift for group members. Do you like cold morning of winter? I hate it!! X(

*Y's HOUSE* Round Chair 01 [nan/Mouton] (5 prims/6 poses) [coming soon]

*Y's HOUSE* [Plants] KOKEDAMA/mossball (5 version/full bright & no bright) [coming soon]


Dear yacchan & shimako-chan!!
Always thanks for your awesome items! LOVE <3


Y's House Blog

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03 Dec. 2010

Left detail :
【Hair】[JP]:dsg. - Brenda in Majestic ((by. Jasper Potez))
【Glasses】MIEL - BELLA PEEPERS ((by. Mika Nieuport)) [Old Gift]
【Jacket】+KiiToS!!+ Christmas Gift : Pea Coat *Tweed* [New!!]
【Shirts】THE CLOSET - Simple Loose Tee in Purple ((by. bambi63 Rehula))
【Bottom】nerveux - Sarrouel in Black ((by.paoluu Oceanlane)) [Modified]
【leggings】+KiiToS!! Sinilintu+ Nordic Knit Leggings *Black*
【Boots】Iruco - Formal Shoes in blackST ((by.iru Yebut))

Right detail :
【Hair】eha - Kitei in Strawberry ((by. Salut Erin))
【Scarf】Royal Blue - Winters Coming Scarf ((by. Marni Grut)) [Old Gift]
【Jacket】+KiiToS!!+ Christmas Gift : Pea Coat *Tweed* [New!!]
【Skirt】COCO - RuffleSkirt ((by. cocoro Lemon)) [Old Gift]
【Boots】COCO - Knee High Boots ((by. cocoro Lemon))

I'll distribute this coat until 31 Dec in SL Time. Don't miss it!! :P

KiiToS!! Blog

♫ Now Listening : Beck / everybody's gotta learn sometimes
i love this movie!! love Michel Gondry <3

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