22 Aug. 2011

【Hair】Sadicstc Hacker - Nagi(hat) in Black
【Top】Stash - Sport Polo in Deep Black
【Bottom】AMERIE M - Harf Pants 02 in Houndstooth
【Bag】ARAI - Waist bag
【Bracelet】graph - concho
【Wristwatch】Muism - Chronotech G5 in Brown
【Shoes】FIR & MNA - The Harrison Boots in White

脱ロンゲ in RL!! 洗髪が楽すぎてニヤニヤします (・∀・)ニヤニヤ

♫ Now Listening : Rihanna / California King Bed -AHMIR's cover version-

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20 Aug. 2011

My detail :
【Hair】Dura - Boys&Girls 19 in Dark Brown
【Glasses】2g - ATTITUDE_black
【Neacklace】ruchica - Twig cross necklace
【Wristwatch】Muism - Chronotech G5 in Brown
【Jacket】C'est moi - my short jacket
【Shirt】NERD.P - Scoop Neck T-Shirt no01 [New/Albero Gacha Festival]
【Shirt-Inner】Muism - Scoop Tee in White
【Belt】Kari - Dead Sailor belt
【Bottom】VILLENA - Baggy Pants in Aquamarine
【Shoes】FIR&MNA - The Wethersfield Shoes in Brown

charmy's detail :
【skin】MY UGLYDOROTHY - Mirai M06 teeth
【hair】AY.LinE - Hydrangea in Espresso
【top】mon tissu - Cozy Up Tee in Cream
【skirt】mon tissu - Highland Skirt in Beige
【bag】R.icielli - 2.55 Classic bag in Mustard
【necklace】fd - Jackalope Necklace in Silver
【Wristwatch】Donna Flora - GLORIA watch
【shoes】GF - Bow Strap Shoes "Kate" in Cream

スペシャルゲストは{u.f.o}のcharmyでした ;)
Thanks a million charmy!!

P.S ブログ上で伝言すんなよタカノリ!! おまえにも風邪移れ!!

♫ Now Listening : Daniel Powter - Song 6

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14 Aug. 2011

i forgot to write down shop list so i'll add it later, sorry X(

TMRはやっぱねーわ!! 暗黒すぎんだろ wwww

♫ Now Listening : Jazztronik / Flash Light feat. JAY'ED

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06 Aug. 2011

【Hair】Dura - DuraBoy24 in Dark Brown ((by. chiaki Xue ))
【Necklace】H.A.B - Leather necklace ((by. Alexis Blanchard))
【Glasses】2g - BRISE bekkou ((by. Pique Flan))
【Wristwatch】Muism - Chronotech G5 in Brown ((by. Icemocolo Voom)) [New!!]
【Top】Muism - Scoop Tee in Black ((by. Icemocolo Voom)) [New!!]
【Bottom&Belt】Muism - Cargo shorts in Moss ((by. Icemocolo Voom)) [New!!]&[modified]
【Shoes】Docs - 8 HOLE ((by. Gospel Voom))

ヤル気~スイッチ 僕のはどこにあるんだろ~?

♫ Now Listening : Emancipator / With Rainy Eyes

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