30 Dec. 2011

【Hair】 iruco - hair18M in Brown
【Knit&Shirts&Tie】 Micoolie - Laurinphen Cardigan in Brown [New!!]
【Bottom】 Micoolie - Halster in White [New!!]
【Socks&Shoes】 hoorenbeek - Devon Shoes in Brown


{Micoolie} released new sweaters "Laurinphen Cardigan" and pants "Halster".
Check it out. You've got to look at it!




This's my last post of the year :)
I wish you'll spend wonderful holidays and happy new year!


♫ Now Listening : Boyz II Men / On Bended Knee -AHMIR's Cover Version-

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20 Dec. 2011

【Hat】underground [underground had closed...maybe...]
【Hair】 BURLEY - Carlo [modified]
【Bowtie】 Adjunct - Classic Bowtie Solid Color in Black
【Cardigan】 2byte - Indian cardigan [Group Gift]
【Belt】 mon tissu - Seneca Threaded Leather Belt
【Bottom】 [ JP ]:dsg. - Formidable V2 in Checked Olive
【Leggings】 pivaaca
【Shoes】 NC - Boots No.12

♫ Now Listening : Dave Matthews Band / Crash Into Me

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14 Dec. 2011

【Hair】 Dura - Dura Boy 27 in Strawberry
【Tatoo】 AUDRAN - Unisex Collarbone Tattoo 'Sparrow Axe' Quirky
【Necklace】 ruchica - rectangle necklace in Ltblack
【Scarf】 NSD - Piaf Scarf in Red [old seasons hunt's gift]
【Jacket】 Mr.Poet - Peacoat Jacket in Black
【Knit】 INDI Designs - Knit Pullover in Beige
【Bottom】 Mr.Poet - Woven pants in Black
【Shoes】 Muism - Troy boots in Broken
【Bag】 mon tissu - Weekend Traveler in Camel [Mesh item] [New!!]


btw... i’d like to introduce my precious friend, zane, and his tatoo shop "AUDRAN".
you can see a bird on my body? zane's tatoo is simple but has a presence. as well as, they are having a presence but doesn't disturb styling. you know?
i was looking for a simple & cool tatoo for a long time, so i was very glad when i met his tatoo. (to tell the truth, i don't like gaudy & loud one... :P) if you're interested in his shop, visit to "AUDRAN" in marketplace. and if you like them...yes, if you left your comment on his items, i think he'll be really pleased!

[[ AUDRAN by Zane Audran ]]

(i'm wearing "UDRAN Unisex Collarbone Tattoo 'Le Geek C'est Chic' Nerd" in HERE.)


♫ Now Listening : Q;indivi / Stay Awake

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07 Dec. 2011

【Hair】 Dura - Dura-Boy 23 in Dark Brown
【Tatoo】 AUDRAN - UDRAN Unisex Collarbone Tattoo 'Le Geek C'est Chic' Nerd
【Scarf】 BOOM - Slim Scarf in Coal
【Shirt】 REDGRAVE - lassic Business Shirt in Bright
【Cardigan】 A:S:S - January cardigan in Crimson
【Jacket】 REDGRAVE - SuitJacket sculpted open in Bronze
【Belt】 (Parts of) Micoolie - Parcoison Jeans
【Bottom】 Armidi Limited - Lowrise Jeans Original in Jet
【Shoes】 Gos - GTFO Shoes in Stone

♫ Now Listening : DE DE MOUSE / baby's star jam (Remixed by Schroeder-Headz)

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06 Dec. 2011

【Hair】 AY.LinE - Kasumi in Cassis
【Scarf】 Maitreya - Voluminous Scarf in Black
【Vest】 &C - KnitVest in Border [&C had closed]
【Shirt】 DROP - Flannel shirt in Black [New!!]
【Bottom】 Vive9 - Rolled Harem in Brown
【Shoes】 Naughty - moccasins in tan [Naughty had closed, but you can buy them at marketplace]

♫ Now Listening : Platina Jazz by Rasmus Faber / Hajimete No Chuu (My First Kiss)

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01 Nov. 2011

【Hair】TRUTH - Hank in Latte
【Jacket】AOHARU - MilitaryCoat in Khaki
【Sweater】NO - Floral Knit Sweater in Orange
【Shirt】Schadenfreude Elephant - Schadenfreude Ivory Oxford
【Bottom】mon tissu - Denim Lou Lou in Dark
【Shoes】J's - Laceup Short Boots [Old Gift]

♫ Now Listening : Jack Johnson / Never Know

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30 Oct. 2011

【Hair】Shag - Army of Me in Hazel
【Glasses】2byte - metal glasses in Green [Group Gift]
【Jacket】FIR&MNA - The Dylan Jacket
【Shirt】arnadi - Basic Short Tee in Pink
【Bottom&Belt】Maitreya - BF Jeans #02
【Shoes】NC - Boots No.13 [New!!]

えーマジでー?ドラえもんは遠慮しとくよー ^^

♫ Now Listening : Alicia Keys / If I Ain't Got You -Torio Ohashi's Cover Version-

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28 Oct. 2011

【Hair】TRUTH - Ana in Mocha
【Scarf】theosophy - Auldearn Scarf in Cafe
【Jacket&Shirts】INDI - Collar Jacket in Brown
【Knit】Sleepy Eddy - Crew Neck Sweater in Maroon [TSH prize]
【Bottom】GriBon - gray check pants [maybe this store had closed...]
【Shoes】Gos - Desert Boots in Cola Suede

ッアー!! ドラミさん忘れてた!!

♫ Now Listening : Schroeder-Headz / NEWDAYS

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25 Oct. 2011

【Hair】Sadicstc Hacker - Nagi(L-Bang) in Black
【Hat】oompa - kund fedora slither [Luckyboard]
【Scarf】NERD.P - 2011 Scarf Tai type (type01)
【Jacket】NINIKOBOY - sweat shirts in Blue
【Shirts】2byte - Stripe shirts in Blue
【Shirts2】MAKNIE - Denim shirts (A)
【Bottom】Micoolie - KlainClot in White [New!!]
【Shoes】Reek - Tennessee Slip Ons

{Micoolie} released new pants "KlainClot" composed of full sculpted prims and 5 colors.
This shop provides high quality clothes and shoes, not to mention these new pants. (his sculpted work and texture work is really amazing!) If you haven't known this shop... GO! anyhow GO NOW!... That's all I can say :)
Thanks for awesome stuff, andersonlevis!!


♫ Now Listening : pupa / azalea

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23 Oct. 2011

【Hair】Dura - Boys&Girls 07 in Twine
【Glasses】Royal Blue - Winters Coming Scarf in OffMilk [Old Gift]
【Cardigan】IZUMIYA - Cardigan Set in Brown
【Knit】pesca - mohair knit in Pink [New!!]
【Bottom】LeLutka - CARGO pants in Olive
【Boots】mdrm - sock boots

♫ Now Listening : Des'Ree / U Gotta Be -2Worldz's Cover Version-

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22 Oct. 2011

【Hair】Dura - DuraBoy16 in Strawberry
【Glasses】2byte - metal glasses in Brown [Group Gift]
【Bag】pesca - old leather bag in Dark brown [A] [New!!]
【Jacket】2byte - Retro Jacket in Red [New!!]
【Knit】Sleepy Eddy - Crew Neck Sweater in Black [New!!]
【Shirt&Belt】MAKNIE - Loose tie shirt (C)
【Bottom】A:S:S - FF Pinstripes
【Shoes】FIR & MNA - The Ashford Brogue in White

♫ Now Listening : FreeTEMPO Feat. Takuji Aoyagi / Tomorrow

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20 Oct. 2011

【Cap】ordinary design - knit watch cap m-001 in White
【Hair】eha - Shino in Light Brown [modified]
【Necklace】2LAG - JESUS2011 in black
【Jacket】NSD - Gallagher Parka in Brown
【Shirt】drop - Point U/N Tee in Charcoal
【Shirt2】NERD.P - Scoop Neck T-Shirt no01
【Bottom】Muism - Wrangler Denims in Dark Rinse
【Boots】RONSEM - Drape Boots

♫ Now Listening : Waking Ashland / October Skies

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19 Oct. 2011

My detail :
【Hair】Shag - Trophy Hunter in Kitten
【Top】Maitreya - BF Shirt in White [modified]
【Bottom】Muism - Wrangler Denims in Dark Rinse
【Wristwatch】chronokit - watch no.10
【Shoes】grasp/si*na - boots


♫ Now Listening : JLS / CLOSE TO YOU

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22 Aug. 2011

【Hair】Sadicstc Hacker - Nagi(hat) in Black
【Top】Stash - Sport Polo in Deep Black
【Bottom】AMERIE M - Harf Pants 02 in Houndstooth
【Bag】ARAI - Waist bag
【Bracelet】graph - concho
【Wristwatch】Muism - Chronotech G5 in Brown
【Shoes】FIR & MNA - The Harrison Boots in White

脱ロンゲ in RL!! 洗髪が楽すぎてニヤニヤします (・∀・)ニヤニヤ

♫ Now Listening : Rihanna / California King Bed -AHMIR's cover version-

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20 Aug. 2011

My detail :
【Hair】Dura - Boys&Girls 19 in Dark Brown
【Glasses】2g - ATTITUDE_black
【Neacklace】ruchica - Twig cross necklace
【Wristwatch】Muism - Chronotech G5 in Brown
【Jacket】C'est moi - my short jacket
【Shirt】NERD.P - Scoop Neck T-Shirt no01 [New/Albero Gacha Festival]
【Shirt-Inner】Muism - Scoop Tee in White
【Belt】Kari - Dead Sailor belt
【Bottom】VILLENA - Baggy Pants in Aquamarine
【Shoes】FIR&MNA - The Wethersfield Shoes in Brown

charmy's detail :
【skin】MY UGLYDOROTHY - Mirai M06 teeth
【hair】AY.LinE - Hydrangea in Espresso
【top】mon tissu - Cozy Up Tee in Cream
【skirt】mon tissu - Highland Skirt in Beige
【bag】R.icielli - 2.55 Classic bag in Mustard
【necklace】fd - Jackalope Necklace in Silver
【Wristwatch】Donna Flora - GLORIA watch
【shoes】GF - Bow Strap Shoes "Kate" in Cream

スペシャルゲストは{u.f.o}のcharmyでした ;)
Thanks a million charmy!!

P.S ブログ上で伝言すんなよタカノリ!! おまえにも風邪移れ!!

♫ Now Listening : Daniel Powter - Song 6

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14 Aug. 2011

i forgot to write down shop list so i'll add it later, sorry X(

TMRはやっぱねーわ!! 暗黒すぎんだろ wwww

♫ Now Listening : Jazztronik / Flash Light feat. JAY'ED

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06 Aug. 2011

【Hair】Dura - DuraBoy24 in Dark Brown ((by. chiaki Xue ))
【Necklace】H.A.B - Leather necklace ((by. Alexis Blanchard))
【Glasses】2g - BRISE bekkou ((by. Pique Flan))
【Wristwatch】Muism - Chronotech G5 in Brown ((by. Icemocolo Voom)) [New!!]
【Top】Muism - Scoop Tee in Black ((by. Icemocolo Voom)) [New!!]
【Bottom&Belt】Muism - Cargo shorts in Moss ((by. Icemocolo Voom)) [New!!]&[modified]
【Shoes】Docs - 8 HOLE ((by. Gospel Voom))

ヤル気~スイッチ 僕のはどこにあるんだろ~?

♫ Now Listening : Emancipator / With Rainy Eyes

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23 July. 2011

【Hair】Shag - Army of Me in Fawn ((by. Sebastien Aries))
【Glasses】kik - megane01 ((by. as001 Littlething))
【Necklace】2LAG MARKET - JESUS2011 ((by. Evis Button))
【Top&Shirts】pivaaca Homme - SummerKnit Layered Set [New!!]
【Bottom】MAKNIE - Boy's roll up jean(A) ((by. Nomak Nyoki))
【Shoes】Maschienenwerk - Golden_CHUCKS ((by. Armin Rickena)) [closed.]


♫ Now Listening : Emancipator / Soon It will Be Cold Enough to Build Fires

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19 July. 2011

【Hair】kik - Fiona in Blonde ((by. as001 Littlething))
【Necklace】2LAG MARKET - MIXTAPE CHAIN ((by. Evis Button))
【Vest】imp - chokki in White ((by. visse Camel)) [New!!]
【Tank】MAKNIE - Stripe tank hoodie in Black ((by. Nomak Nyoki)) [New!!]
【Bottom】VILLEN - Baggy Pants in Black ((by. Villena Swansen))
【Socks&Shoes】League - High Tops1 ((by. Mugda Bonetto))


thanx visse!

♫ Now Listening : will.i.am and Nicki Minaj / Check It Out!

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13 July. 2011

【Hair】INK - NEEK in Brown ((by. nontroppo Torii)) [New]
【Necklace】ruchica - ruchica Twig cross necklace[M] ((by. ruchica Enimo))
【Shirt】pivaaca - PolkaDot Shirt in Pink [New]
【InnerShirt】NERD.P - half-sleeve striped tee in Pink ((by. Mogu Toxx)) [New]
【Bottom】villena - low baggy in Brown ((by. Villena Swansen))


♫ Now Listening : Saycet / Dreamfactory

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09 July. 2011

【Hair】Maitreya - Jaiden in Almond ((by. Onyx LeShelle))
【Necklace】si*na - JEWELRY Rosary Rose in GoldBlack ((by. sinamon Loon))
【Bangle】M.R.M. - Mix Bangle *Universe* ((by. Masaru Raymaker)) [modified]
【Top&Waist】graph - koshimakiT in Black ((by. KENTAROU Carpaccio))
【Bottom】villena - low baggy in Red ((by. Villena Swansen))
【Shoes】J's - Real Toe Men's Belt Sandals ((by. JB Gazov))

♫ Now Listening : Jason Mraz / A parody song of "I'm yours" -Sesame Street Version-
(I prefer this song & video to official one. Childish? LOL)

♫ One more from Sesame Street! : will.i.am / What I Am

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04 July. 2011

Left detail :
【Hair】Sadicstc Hacker - Kai in Soil ((by. momo46915 Runningbear))
【Yukata】tomoto, - kazaguruma ((by. Tomo Wachter)) [Twinkle Night Bazaar 2011]

Right detail :
【Hair】kik - Tsubaki in Brown ((by. as001 Littlething))
【Hair accessory】tomoto, - wa corsage ((by. Tomo Wachter)) [Project RandoMuseum]
【Bag】tomoto, - gamaguchi bag ((by. Tomo Wachter))
【Yukata】tomoto, - powapowa ((by. Tomo Wachter)) [Project RandoMuseum Prize]



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02 July. 2011

【Hair】Dura - Boys&Girls 18 in DarkBrown ((by. chiaki Xue))
【Necklace】MIEL - ECHO NECKLACE ((by. Miel Nirvana))
【Bangle】ARAI - bangle002 ((by. mappy Handrick))
【Top】NERD.P - STUD COLLAR OATMEAL ((by. Mogu Toxx))
【Inner】pesca - T-shirt01 men in Pink ((by. tsugu Nirvana))
【Waist】Bellies - SpringTime Waist Sweatshirt in Gray ((by. Bayly Baxton))
【Bottom】MAKNIE - Falling Folds Pants in DarkBeige ((by. Nomak Nyoki))
【Shoes】MAKNIE - Walter toe boots in Khaki ((by. Nomak Nyoki)) [New!!]

飲 み す ぎ た

♫ Now Listening : Bruno Mars / Just The Way You Are

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30 June. 2011

【Hair】Dura - Dura Boy21 in Strawberry ((by. chiaki Xue))
【T-Shirt】From Lalu <33
【Bottom】Sheep Door - Jersey Pants in Navy ((by. meito Karu))

glee が 面白い で す。

♫ Now Listening : Wicked / Defying Gravity -Kurt's cover version by glee-

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29 June. 2011

【Hair】tram - A330 in Cork ((by. moca loup))
【Sunglasses】DUBOO - Top glasses ((by. Newreem Waffle))
【WristBand】MAKNIE - Wrist Band ((by. Nomak Nyoki))
【Shirt】MAKNIE - machine mechanic tee ((by. Nomak Nyoki))
【Bottom】AMERIE M - Cargo Pants in Brown ((by. Amerie Spitteler))
【Shoes】Rawdolls - Pitchbull Hi-cake ((by. Lindal Janus))


♫ Now Listening : Incubus / Promises, Promises

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23 June. 2011

【Bottom(Both)】pivaaca - Fisherman Pants (Thai Pants) [Read this!]
【Shoes(Left)】pivaaca - Ethnic Slip-On *02* [Read this!]

"Project RandoMuseum"

♫ Now Listening : Bruno Mars / The Lazy Song

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23 May. 2011

【Hair】Dura - Dura Boy 16 in Strawberry ((by. chiaki Xue))
【Sunglasses】Kumaki Glasses Style - Harma ((by. Jam Steampunk))
【Scarf】theosophy - Tegryn Summer Scarf in Charcoal ((by. Trace Osterham))
【Shirt】AOHARU - Drape Neck Tshirt in White ((by. machang Pichot))
【Inner-Shirt】Scars - Smooth Drape cutsaw in Green ((by. Sin Knoller))
【Bottom】Sheep Door - Sarrouel Pants in Black ((by. meito Karu)) [New!!]
【Boots】Reek - Boston Boots in Coal ((by. Riq Graves))

とうきょうトッキョきょきゃ、...きょきゃ、...きょ! かっ! きょかきょ「きゅ」! っっっぐあッ!

♫ Now Listening : John Butler Trio / Ocean

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26 Apr. 2011

【Hair】Dura - Dura Boy 17 in Dark Brown ((by. chiaki Xue))
【Sunglasses】Gos - Custom Sunglasses v3.2 BUTTERFLY ((by. Gospel Voom))
【Earring】ROZOREGALIA - Gemma EARRING 4/A ((by. ROZOREGALIA Braveheart))
【Bracelet】Fusion - Feathered Charm Bracelet ((by. adria Joubert))
【Belt】grasp - Zip Belt ((by. Asalt Eames))
【Shirt】MAKNIE - Denim shirts (B) ((by. Nomak Nyoki)) [New!!]
【Inner-Shirt】RUDE REBEL - NoTee 1 ((by. sayaca unplugged)) [New!!]
【Bottom】RONSEM - Cargo Pants in Brown ((by. Eow Reverie))
【Boots】BC322 - Work Boots ((by.UnknownSoldier Maximus))

Thaaaaannnnkkkk YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

♫ Now Listening : Arrested Development / Greener

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16 Apr. 2011

【Hair】tram - A330 hair in Brown ((by. moca Loup)) [New!!]
【Glasses】Kumaki Glasses Style - Buis 1.02 ((by. koguma Kumaki))
【Bag】Kari - Crate digger bag ((by. Menno Ophelia))
【Necklace】ARAI - necklace brop ((by. mappy Handrick))
【Jacket】AOHARU - MilitaryCapeCoat in Khaki ((by. machang Pichot))
【Shirt】pivaaca - Printing Cut 'n Sew *01*
【Inner-Shirt】Jetcity - border shirt in Black ((by. Jiru Jetcity))
【Bottom】ARAI - Chino pants in Black ((by. mappy Handrick)) [New!!]
【Belt】[JP]:dsg. - Broadly Pants v2 / Belt ((by. Jasper Potez))
【Shoes】hoorenbeek - SuperStar ((by. LimerDesigner Fredriksson))

きっとまだ 限界なんてこんなもんじゃない

♫ Now Listening : The Pillows / Hybrid Rainbow

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10 Apr. 2011

【Hair】[JP]:dsg. - Brenda in Majestic ((by. Jasper Potez))
【Shirts】NINIKO BOY - BIG SHIRTS in Check-Grey ((by. Kae Sahara)) [New!!]
【Cutsew】NINIKO BOY - Sweat Cutsew in Natural ((by. Kae Sahara)) [New!!]
【Bottom】AMERIE M - Cargo pants in Light ((by. Amerie Spitteler))
【Boots】NC - Boots No.12 ((by. hiro7 Amat))

it's been a long time! :D

♫ Now Listening : Sum 41 / With Me

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18 Feb. 2011

【Cap】69 - CLASSIC cap [Modified]
【Hair】Uw.st - Ibuki in Brown [Modified]
【Scarf】Action - Unisex Sniffle in Scarve Black
【Hoodie】MAKNIE - VIRGINIA Hoodie in Brown
【Bottom】DeeTaleZ - Pants Baggy pants in Grey
【Shoes】2REAL - DIAGONAL 08

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18 Feb. 2011

【Hair&Cap】CriCri - uCap01
【Coat】em - Duffel Coat in BlackWacth
【Vest】&C - HoodieKnitVest in Cowichan
【Knit】ARAI - High neck knit in Black
【Bottom】MAKNIE - Grunge unbalance pants
【Leggings】KiiToS - Nordic Knit Leggings in Black
【Boots】Kookie - Vintage Armarda Boots [Old flf's item]

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18 Feb. 2011

【Cap】SAIKIN - knit fur cap KASUGA [old gift]
【Hair】booN - KUM236 in Chocolate [Modified]
【Stole】:sey - Afghan stole check
【Jacket】AOHARU - Leather Blouson in Gray
【Knit】AMERIE M - Knit Sweater 04
【Belt】:sey - DekaLogoBelt "GLAD"
【Bottom】MAKNIE - Low Low rise jeans (B)
【Boots】grasp/si*na - boots

♫ Now Listening : SUGIURUMN feat. Miyuki Hatakeyama - star baby

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24 Jan. 2011

【Hair】Uw.st - 7R Uriel in Dead leave ((by. Din Raymaker))
【Necklace】wither - Dreamcatcher necklace ((by. Mocha Loring))
【Vest】&C - HoodieKnitVest in Cowichan ((by. canue Glazner)) [gacha-gacha]
【Knit】Sleepy Eddy - Long Knit Cutsaw in Black ((by. Metro Moonwall))
【Shirt】ARAI - Long T Pocket in White ((by. mappy Handrick))
【Bottom】MAKNIE - Low Low rise jeans ((by. xLenniex Lennie))
【Boots】Adjunct - Slipper Boot in Brown ((by. myvegancookbook Bolissima))

♫ Now Listening : James Morrison / You Give Me Something

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18 Jan. 2011

【Hair】DPyumyum - barberyumyum in 21 ((by. toraji Voom))
【Scarf】Maitreya - Circle Scarf Soft ((by. Onyx LeShelle))
【Jacket】UNDERGROUND - Wool Knit Jacket in Black ((by. Wachagona Marioman))
【Knit】couverture - ROW GAUGE KNIT in Gray ((by. chocolate Arashi)) [Modified]
【Bottom】VILLENA - Baggy Pants in Brown ((by. Villena Swansen))
【Boots】Kookie - Armarda ((by. Kookie Lemon)) [Old flf's item]

"Life was like a box of chocolates.
You never know what you're gonna get."

Nobody knows what is going to happen.
but I'd like to live my own way whatever happened.
I hope you too. Don't lose yourself. okay?

♫ Now Listening : Boys Like Girls / Thunder

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08 Jan. 2011

【Hair】fascino - Plast in AshOlive ((by. Sola Meili))
【Scarf】League - Scarf Wrap in Brown ((by. Nena Janus))
【Bag】ARAI - Waist bag ((by. mappy Handrick))
【Vest】graph - fleece vest in Beige ((by. KENTAROU Carpaccio))
【Shirt】MAKNIE - Reindeer layered Tee in A type ((by. Nomak Nyoki))
【Bottom】AMERIE M - Harf Pants in 02 ((by. Amerie Spitteler))
【Leggings】MOKUGEKI - momohiki in Black ((by. tamashima Junkers))
【Legwarmers】Parts of "[BUKKA] OLD BOOTS" [Modified]
【Boots】CLEMATIS - 3H boots in Caramel ((by. iitomo Allen)) [New? Soon?]


♫ Now Listening : Cyndi Lauper / True Colors -Phil Collins's Cover Version-

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01 Jan. 2011

Happy New Year!
I'm very grateful to you for the kindness you showed me last year.
And I look forward to your continued good will in 2011!! :D

May the New Year turn out to be the happiest and the best for you <3

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