23 July. 2011

【Hair】Shag - Army of Me in Fawn ((by. Sebastien Aries))
【Glasses】kik - megane01 ((by. as001 Littlething))
【Necklace】2LAG MARKET - JESUS2011 ((by. Evis Button))
【Top&Shirts】pivaaca Homme - SummerKnit Layered Set [New!!]
【Bottom】MAKNIE - Boy's roll up jean(A) ((by. Nomak Nyoki))
【Shoes】Maschienenwerk - Golden_CHUCKS ((by. Armin Rickena)) [closed.]


♫ Now Listening : Emancipator / Soon It will Be Cold Enough to Build Fires

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19 July. 2011

【Hair】kik - Fiona in Blonde ((by. as001 Littlething))
【Necklace】2LAG MARKET - MIXTAPE CHAIN ((by. Evis Button))
【Vest】imp - chokki in White ((by. visse Camel)) [New!!]
【Tank】MAKNIE - Stripe tank hoodie in Black ((by. Nomak Nyoki)) [New!!]
【Bottom】VILLEN - Baggy Pants in Black ((by. Villena Swansen))
【Socks&Shoes】League - High Tops1 ((by. Mugda Bonetto))


thanx visse!

♫ Now Listening : will.i.am and Nicki Minaj / Check It Out!

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13 July. 2011

【Hair】INK - NEEK in Brown ((by. nontroppo Torii)) [New]
【Necklace】ruchica - ruchica Twig cross necklace[M] ((by. ruchica Enimo))
【Shirt】pivaaca - PolkaDot Shirt in Pink [New]
【InnerShirt】NERD.P - half-sleeve striped tee in Pink ((by. Mogu Toxx)) [New]
【Bottom】villena - low baggy in Brown ((by. Villena Swansen))


♫ Now Listening : Saycet / Dreamfactory

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09 July. 2011

【Hair】Maitreya - Jaiden in Almond ((by. Onyx LeShelle))
【Necklace】si*na - JEWELRY Rosary Rose in GoldBlack ((by. sinamon Loon))
【Bangle】M.R.M. - Mix Bangle *Universe* ((by. Masaru Raymaker)) [modified]
【Top&Waist】graph - koshimakiT in Black ((by. KENTAROU Carpaccio))
【Bottom】villena - low baggy in Red ((by. Villena Swansen))
【Shoes】J's - Real Toe Men's Belt Sandals ((by. JB Gazov))

♫ Now Listening : Jason Mraz / A parody song of "I'm yours" -Sesame Street Version-
(I prefer this song & video to official one. Childish? LOL)

♫ One more from Sesame Street! : will.i.am / What I Am

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04 July. 2011

Left detail :
【Hair】Sadicstc Hacker - Kai in Soil ((by. momo46915 Runningbear))
【Yukata】tomoto, - kazaguruma ((by. Tomo Wachter)) [Twinkle Night Bazaar 2011]

Right detail :
【Hair】kik - Tsubaki in Brown ((by. as001 Littlething))
【Hair accessory】tomoto, - wa corsage ((by. Tomo Wachter)) [Project RandoMuseum]
【Bag】tomoto, - gamaguchi bag ((by. Tomo Wachter))
【Yukata】tomoto, - powapowa ((by. Tomo Wachter)) [Project RandoMuseum Prize]



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02 July. 2011

【Hair】Dura - Boys&Girls 18 in DarkBrown ((by. chiaki Xue))
【Necklace】MIEL - ECHO NECKLACE ((by. Miel Nirvana))
【Bangle】ARAI - bangle002 ((by. mappy Handrick))
【Top】NERD.P - STUD COLLAR OATMEAL ((by. Mogu Toxx))
【Inner】pesca - T-shirt01 men in Pink ((by. tsugu Nirvana))
【Waist】Bellies - SpringTime Waist Sweatshirt in Gray ((by. Bayly Baxton))
【Bottom】MAKNIE - Falling Folds Pants in DarkBeige ((by. Nomak Nyoki))
【Shoes】MAKNIE - Walter toe boots in Khaki ((by. Nomak Nyoki)) [New!!]

飲 み す ぎ た

♫ Now Listening : Bruno Mars / Just The Way You Are

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