29 Aug. 2010

【Hair】Uw.studio - Randy ((by. Din Raymaker))
【Cardigan】Beetlebones - Light Cardigan in black ((by. suetabulous Yootz))
【Shirt】Schadenfreude Elephant - White Oxford ((by. Allegory Malaprop))
【Bottom】made myself. not for sale.
【Shoes】COCO - OxfordShoes Patent Black ((by. cocoro Lemon))


♫ Now Listening : Goin' Crazy / Nathalie

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22 Aug. 2010

【Hair】BURIED - Jazper ((by. Naboru Karu)) [Modified]
【Vest】NINIKO - full sculp vest ((by. Kae Sahara))
【Shirt】Schadenfreude Elephant - White Oxford ((by. Allegory Malaprop))
【Tie】Valiant - Punk Tie, Dice ((by. Wavie Haller))
【Bottom】Scars - Design Pants ((by. Sin Knoller))
【Shoes】REDGRAVE - Aviator Loafers ((by. Emilia Redgrave))

【Skin】Nomak - SKIN 02.MOGU ((by. Nomak Nyoki)) [New!!]


Though i introduced my friend's shop "NOMAK" to you yesterday,
he released new male skin again!! :-O
This new skin also terrific as ever :-9


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21 Aug. 2010

【Hair】Find Ash - Fickle Lover ((by. Reopa Laval)) [Modified]
【Hat】ordinary - knit watch cap ((by. Missileman Adzebills))
【Scarf】The Plastik - Big Ridiculous Scarf Knit ((by. Jaden Benavente))
【Wristband】:sey - Leather wristband ((by. risey Arai))
【Belt】ATOMIC - Music Belt ((by. Ivy Graves))
【Bottom】AMERIE M - Rollup Denim ((by. Amerie Spitteler))
【Shoes】Action - Unisex Old Skoolers ((by. MarilynMonroe Munro))

【Skin】Nomak - SKIN 01.NOMAK ((by. Nomak Nyoki)) [New!!]
【Top】Nomak - ART Shirts ((by. Nomak Nyoki)) [coming soon]


My friend, Nomak opened new shop named "NOMAK" :-))
His item is really thorough, cool, beautiful, and... anyway awesome!!
(I'm being honest!)

if you're looking for high quality men's skin&clothing,
you should go to this shop.
"Nomak" is promising shop from now on. Don't miss it!! XD

And, Nomak, Sorry for my unskilled shape... LOL
Your skin is really nice, but i can't fully convey your quality
because i'm not good at editing shape. :'-( {Sigh...)


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17 Aug. 2010

【Hair】EGO - YOK ((by. Ego Shuffle))
【Hat】Find Ash - Velor Hat ((by. Reopa Lava)) [maybe Lucky Board...]
【Shirt】Euclid - PK shirts BLACK ((by. Euclid Cisse))
【Bracelet】Valiant - Robotic Life Rope Bracelet ((by. Wavie Haller))
【Wristwatch】chronokit - watch_no.10 ((by. kit Pizzicato))
【Bottom】"Loose cropped pants" from +KiiToS!!+. i'm making now!! :P
【Shoes】Stash - Undefeatable Leather Shoe ((by. GonzuS Decosta))

♫ Now Listening : Strawberry Rainbow / Studio Apartment ft. Raj Ramayya


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11 Aug. 2010

【Hair】Shag hair - Slow Hands ((by. Sebastien Aries))
【Hat】theosophy - Waterbeck Hat ((by. Trace Osterham))
【Necklace】Fusion - Onyx Pendant Necklace ((by. adria Joubert))
【T-Shirt】KiiToS!! - Tie-dyed Layered Tshirt ((this color is not for sale))
【Inner】Scars - Smooth Drape cutsaw ((by. Sin Knoller))
【Bottom】nerveux - Sarrouel ((by. paoluu Oceanlane)) [Modified]
【Shoes】2REAL - PURE ((by. 2REAL Okelli))



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8 Aug. 2010

Men's detail :
【Hair】Shag hair - Slow Hands ((by. Sebastien Aries))
【Yukata】enchanty - YUKATA Men tuya ((by. Nuts Andel))
【Paper fan】DP yumyum - Uchiwa ((by. toraji Voom))
【Geta】Barbee - geta ((Barbee was closed))

Women's detail :
【Hair】Shag hair - La La Love Me ((by. Sebastien Aries))
【Hair accessory】ruchica - tamayura *lilac* ((by. ruchica Enimo))
【Yukata&Bag&Geta】DP yumyum - yukata [asagao] ((by. toraji Voom))


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7 Aug. 2010

【Hair】mikan - Gille
【Headphone】booN - headphone
【Wristwatch】ARAI - DATE BANK
【Bag】Atelier AM - natural cloth rucksack *black
【Necklace】ARAI - necklace brop
【T-Shirt】KiiToS!! - Tie-dyed Layered Tshirt *White* (New!!)
【InnerTank】KiiToS!! - Border Tank *Black* (Group Gift!!)
【Bottom】Surf Co. - Hot Cocoa Stain Jeans Original
【Shoes】Urban Bomb Unit - PornStar Hi-Tops


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