26 Apr. 2011

【Hair】Dura - Dura Boy 17 in Dark Brown ((by. chiaki Xue))
【Sunglasses】Gos - Custom Sunglasses v3.2 BUTTERFLY ((by. Gospel Voom))
【Earring】ROZOREGALIA - Gemma EARRING 4/A ((by. ROZOREGALIA Braveheart))
【Bracelet】Fusion - Feathered Charm Bracelet ((by. adria Joubert))
【Belt】grasp - Zip Belt ((by. Asalt Eames))
【Shirt】MAKNIE - Denim shirts (B) ((by. Nomak Nyoki)) [New!!]
【Inner-Shirt】RUDE REBEL - NoTee 1 ((by. sayaca unplugged)) [New!!]
【Bottom】RONSEM - Cargo Pants in Brown ((by. Eow Reverie))
【Boots】BC322 - Work Boots ((by.UnknownSoldier Maximus))

Thaaaaannnnkkkk YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

♫ Now Listening : Arrested Development / Greener

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16 Apr. 2011

【Hair】tram - A330 hair in Brown ((by. moca Loup)) [New!!]
【Glasses】Kumaki Glasses Style - Buis 1.02 ((by. koguma Kumaki))
【Bag】Kari - Crate digger bag ((by. Menno Ophelia))
【Necklace】ARAI - necklace brop ((by. mappy Handrick))
【Jacket】AOHARU - MilitaryCapeCoat in Khaki ((by. machang Pichot))
【Shirt】pivaaca - Printing Cut 'n Sew *01*
【Inner-Shirt】Jetcity - border shirt in Black ((by. Jiru Jetcity))
【Bottom】ARAI - Chino pants in Black ((by. mappy Handrick)) [New!!]
【Belt】[JP]:dsg. - Broadly Pants v2 / Belt ((by. Jasper Potez))
【Shoes】hoorenbeek - SuperStar ((by. LimerDesigner Fredriksson))

きっとまだ 限界なんてこんなもんじゃない

♫ Now Listening : The Pillows / Hybrid Rainbow

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10 Apr. 2011

【Hair】[JP]:dsg. - Brenda in Majestic ((by. Jasper Potez))
【Shirts】NINIKO BOY - BIG SHIRTS in Check-Grey ((by. Kae Sahara)) [New!!]
【Cutsew】NINIKO BOY - Sweat Cutsew in Natural ((by. Kae Sahara)) [New!!]
【Bottom】AMERIE M - Cargo pants in Light ((by. Amerie Spitteler))
【Boots】NC - Boots No.12 ((by. hiro7 Amat))

it's been a long time! :D

♫ Now Listening : Sum 41 / With Me

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