24 Jan. 2011

【Hair】Uw.st - 7R Uriel in Dead leave ((by. Din Raymaker))
【Necklace】wither - Dreamcatcher necklace ((by. Mocha Loring))
【Vest】&C - HoodieKnitVest in Cowichan ((by. canue Glazner)) [gacha-gacha]
【Knit】Sleepy Eddy - Long Knit Cutsaw in Black ((by. Metro Moonwall))
【Shirt】ARAI - Long T Pocket in White ((by. mappy Handrick))
【Bottom】MAKNIE - Low Low rise jeans ((by. xLenniex Lennie))
【Boots】Adjunct - Slipper Boot in Brown ((by. myvegancookbook Bolissima))

♫ Now Listening : James Morrison / You Give Me Something

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18 Jan. 2011

【Hair】DPyumyum - barberyumyum in 21 ((by. toraji Voom))
【Scarf】Maitreya - Circle Scarf Soft ((by. Onyx LeShelle))
【Jacket】UNDERGROUND - Wool Knit Jacket in Black ((by. Wachagona Marioman))
【Knit】couverture - ROW GAUGE KNIT in Gray ((by. chocolate Arashi)) [Modified]
【Bottom】VILLENA - Baggy Pants in Brown ((by. Villena Swansen))
【Boots】Kookie - Armarda ((by. Kookie Lemon)) [Old flf's item]

"Life was like a box of chocolates.
You never know what you're gonna get."

Nobody knows what is going to happen.
but I'd like to live my own way whatever happened.
I hope you too. Don't lose yourself. okay?

♫ Now Listening : Boys Like Girls / Thunder

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08 Jan. 2011

【Hair】fascino - Plast in AshOlive ((by. Sola Meili))
【Scarf】League - Scarf Wrap in Brown ((by. Nena Janus))
【Bag】ARAI - Waist bag ((by. mappy Handrick))
【Vest】graph - fleece vest in Beige ((by. KENTAROU Carpaccio))
【Shirt】MAKNIE - Reindeer layered Tee in A type ((by. Nomak Nyoki))
【Bottom】AMERIE M - Harf Pants in 02 ((by. Amerie Spitteler))
【Leggings】MOKUGEKI - momohiki in Black ((by. tamashima Junkers))
【Legwarmers】Parts of "[BUKKA] OLD BOOTS" [Modified]
【Boots】CLEMATIS - 3H boots in Caramel ((by. iitomo Allen)) [New? Soon?]


♫ Now Listening : Cyndi Lauper / True Colors -Phil Collins's Cover Version-

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01 Jan. 2011

Happy New Year!
I'm very grateful to you for the kindness you showed me last year.
And I look forward to your continued good will in 2011!! :D

May the New Year turn out to be the happiest and the best for you <3

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